Mama Red & the Dark Blues

Soaked in sin, fueled by gin, and on their way to high tea with the devil.

Mama Red & the Dark Blues - A Band.

THE WAGES OF SIN - full album info, song commentary and lyrics for the die hard fans!


1.      Come by Sunday

Sometimes you get into a habit of making music for everyone else… and you forget to make it for yourself. This one’s about ignoring the armchair critics who love to comment on who you’re not and committing to just being who you are. Make the music you love, no limitations, no expectations. Bring it with authenticity sisters – and sod the haters.


2.      Adjusting my Attitude

Smooth as glass with a hint of sass. Delicate harmonies against badass bass. This is a tune for retuning your inner dialogue. It's about recognising that if we let go of what's not right in life... we get what is. Never settle - only the best is good enough.


3.      Too Little, Too Late

This tune’s about all the apologies that come after the fact; after the wounds, physical and emotional, have been inflicted. It’s about that moment you realise, even as you’re listening to the justifications, that no amount of remorse will take away the pain. The damage is done, and you’re done with being damaged.


4.      You Were Mine

When you look back on life, what will you be most grateful for? This tune is for Harry – because while I expect this life together to be a long one, I also know that I’ll look back on every single moment and wonder how I possibly got so lucky.


5.      Do it That Way

This song is a little dark. It’s a sneaky look into the psyche of a damaged soul who is desperate to keep someone in a relationship with them by any means possible. We’ve all been there metaphorically… but what happens when it really turns nasty…


6.      Two Inches Too Close

A slightly silly tune – but no less honest for the fun of it. This is one about first meeting your new love, and finding that your world is completely burned up by it.


7.      Brought Your Knife to a Gunfight

Driving bass and dark guitar riffs. Sultry vocals with power passages. This song is for all the souls out there who have been done over by a lover and left with nothing but the bills. It about that empowering feeling when you realise that they might have left with the stereo... but you still have the intellect... She who brings the best weapons - wins.


8.      The Wages of Sin

This song is pretty much as straight up as they come. It’s for all those women out there who feel like they can’t live their own lives the way they want to. It’s a big ‘screw you’ to outdated expectations and a welcoming to the decadence and elegance of being exactly who we want to be, no fear, no apologies.


9.      A Game That Two Can Play

An upbeat alt-country pop track, great harmonies, definitely dance-able and terribly 'sticky'! About that terrible moment you realise that you're being played... and the delicious moment right after when you realise you're holding all the aces...


10.  Tried to Sell My Soul

The supersized Nashville track. Kickass harmonies and a storyline from bygone times. The track you can't help singing for days after you hear it (even if you don't want to). About a girl who loved a girl and lost a girl and then tried to get the girl back by selling her soul to the Devil... But the Devil said, 'Sod off sweetheart. You made your bed, now lie in it!' (well - maybe not quite in those words - but you get the gist).


11.  Keep Her Sleeping

A universal lullaby for the broken hearted. Do you ever wonder whether you’re good enough? Talented enough? Whole enough? Strong enough? Do you ever feel like, if you just stole away quietly, you could escape all the expectation, all the attention, all the responsibility? We all do sometimes. True courage is looking at the door, but deciding not to walk through it.


12.  Lighthouse

This song is the other one on the album written to and about Harry, rather than for her. It’s about having someone in your life who lifts you up when you truly think you’re drowning; being steered in the right direction when you get pushed off course; feeling protected when you’re entirely weaponless. It’s about being lucky enough to have someone who is your beacon, who brings you home safely every time. I wish that luck on every soul – and I wish I could pay forward my gratitude.