Mama Red & the Dark Blues

Soaked in sin, fueled by gin, and on their way to high tea with the devil.

Mama Red & the Dark Blues - A Band.

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Mama Red & the Dark Blues - The Wages of Sin - Album Launch

Friday 01 July 7.00pm

The Wages of Sin will take listeners on a musical journey to Hades via Lost Love Canyon, Near Miss Alley and Shotgun Street – and bring them out feeling like they've ridden a thousand miles on a horse named Sorrow, but lived to tell the tale.

Described as 'Alt-Country-Pop with a hint of gospel', but messing with genres, gender stereotypes and refusing to be stylistically confined, the band's eclecticism and originality is part of their charm. They hark right back to the earliest bawdy blues, sink into soulful R&B via the hallowed halls of country, grab a little gospel and then give a slightly ironic nod to modern pop – all within one hour and across one cleverly coherent album. With significant musical collaboration from some of Perth's most creative instrumentalists, the album boasts some stellar compositions.

Featuring Harry Deluxe, a lead vocalist who can simply blow the speakers, with a posse of the State's most talented musicians and some seriously sexy harmonies behind her – Mama Red & The Dark Blues deserve your undivided attention. And beware… if you don't give it, you may have it taken from you by force.

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